Brookings School District Master Agreement

Parents: I love this school and what`s better is my daughter too. The teachers are funny, friendly and caring. All have a passion for children and help them grow and develop. Read 1 Senior Review: For South Dakota, the school, staff and facilities in the area are very excellent. The atmosphere and environment are very exhilarating. The students all get along at school where no one ever feels exhausted. But above all, teachers are the best part of the school. They make every student day much easier and full of fun. In the number of schools I have been in, I have never been more dedicated and eager to learn in every class all day.

Read 47 Sophomore Reviews: Brookings High School has many options and different classes depending on your interest. Even if you`re not sure what you`re interested in or what you want to pursue in the future, they have plenty of opportunities to inform you about different things and let you play with your interests. If you know what you are interested in, each of them, in particular, will have a choice of things. Suppose you are interested in art, that they have courses in painting and drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, different classes of graphics, and that it simply extends to different themes. Aside from the classes, most teachers are amazing and will not only try to connect you to an educational level, but on a person. They want to help you succeed and do what you can best so that you can do great things. Most of the teachers I have had at this school have left me a good influence, and I continue to talk to them until today. Read 163 parents reviews: I don`t know where you get the average class size, because my child has the first class of 24 students. Even with a large class size, my child is a loving school. Every week she has art, music, P.e. and technology. Your class plays three times a day (depending on weather conditions) outdoors for the break.

I love his teacher and the caring atmosphere of the school. Read 1 Review Middle School Student: While Mickelson hosts quite different characters within its walls, MMS is still as beautiful as ever. At MMS, we are proud to improve the training of our students. We have several outings for the students, including one for the 4th graders as the last hoorah in front of the high school. However, it is clear that teachers have favourites and will miss out on them during classes. Students who don`t like teachers very much know that teachers don`t like them, just like their peers.