Cdanet Agreement

It is important that your administrators fully understand and meet these requirements, as you do not wish to violate the CDAnet agreement. Unless otherwise stated in a main/associated or principal/locum agreement, treatment by hygienic and procedures delegated to a certified dental assistant must be billed with the UIN of the principal obliged. The exceptions are the hygiene examination and interpretation of X-rays that should be submitted under the dentist`s UIN. 9 CDAnet Claim Submission Basics: Understanding Your Responsibilities When sending dental claims to your patients, whether you`re sending claims with a modem or on the Internet with ITRANS, use the CDAnet system. The basic element of the CDAnet system for the dentist is the CDAnet subscription contract to which all dentists who submit claims must give their consent (see agreement under The subscription contract is several pages, but there is a package that covers a large part of the dentist`s obligations. The following sentence is that the dentist designated as the sender of the claim certifies, when sending a claim, that the dental claim is a correct declaration of the benefits, the supplier that provided it, the Agency in which they were executed and the total fee payable. A dentist may not be entitled to benefits from another dentist or other independent provider, such as an independent dental hygienist. The supplier`s office number must be the office number of where the services were provided. Benefits provided by an associate dentist or dentist must be reported under the single identification number (UIN) of the associate dentist or locum dentist, not the host dentist. It also means that a self-employed hygienist cannot claim rights for services performed as an independent activity with the dental practice and submit these claims to a dentist`s UIN function at that office. Increasingly, new satellite cabinets are being set up, where computers are connected to head office, and all claims are sent by the main institution`s computer. Although it is more convenient to obtain performance cheques assigned to the seat, claims must be sent with the office card for the satellite office.

The purpose of the Provider Office Number field in an e-claim is to identify the locations where the services were provided and not to facilitate administrative payment transactions. However, if a claim is forwarded to a claim processor that supports version 4 of the CDAnet messaging standard, the Billing OfficeNumber field can identify the main drive point. This feature is not available for claim processors that can only get 6 claims in version 2. “… a fee must clearly state who provided the services, where they were provided, what services were provided and the total costs. You`ll find information about the version each claim processor supports in your software provider to get the most out of your system to meet your business needs. While there are new ways of administratively structuring dental practices and there are new opportunities to provide dental services, the basis for the claim remains the same: a right must clearly identify who provided the services, where they were provided, what services were provided and the total costs. The other fundamental principle, which cannot be overlooked, is the appropriate written consent of the patient for the transfer of their benefit rights. 6 RULES and rules CDAnet Start Date The start date is an estimate of when the dentist will be able to forward claims to most insurance agencies; However, some network operators may accept electronic claims within one or two days after cdAnet who will process the subscription contract.