Sap Subcontracting Scheduling Agreement Components

Have you thought about the calendar factor because the data still depend on calendars.regardsNaval – “ via sap-r3-log” writes:> Supply chain information review – >> > dear sapiens experts, > > I made an appointment here that marks Article I> as a subcontractor (category > L), and in the strain of the material, I define the specific type of supply>: > subcontract. As usual, as I maintain the schedule, I > enter the components. In > screen, there are 2> data, one is for delivery > date the equipment is to arrive> and > other is the application date> which must be the documentation > > the date on which the sub-component is required by the supplier> to complete > delivery date of the starting material. > My questions are: > According to the documentation, the > requirement date is calculated after > delivery date with scheduled delivery date> date, processing purchases > time, and so on according to the normal disposition procedure.> According to logic, as I > the delivery date, for example, 9.10,11,12> and then according to the formula > the application date should be (for example> (assuming the > time is 6 days), but the system > calculate the application date > 3.3.6 3,3,4, 4, which doesn`t really make sense to me> because if the delay > considered the only factor, at least all the data > should be > different, right? > > If anyone can help me here….. if I missed something> something out there…. > > I really appreciate the help, > thanks, > YOSEA > > > `Archive:> `Disconnection:> `Conditions of use:>> -Copyright (c) ITtoolbox and post-author. No> redistribute.> I have made an appointment which here indicates the article that I call subcontracting (c-ategory-20 L), and in the strain of the material, I define the specific type of purchase: subcontracting. As usual, since I set the schedule, I put the compass. In the screen on which I inserted the components, there are 2 dates, one is for elivery-20, this is the date on which the material must arrive at our compass and another is the application date that is accepted according to the documentation to be the date on which the sub-component required by the credit is the date Delivery of parent equipment-20-20.-20 My questions are:-20 According to the documentation, the request/release is calculated by delivery date – delivery plans are provided in the TRANSACTION code ME388. In the item preview screen, select the item with the “L” article category and go to the Article > Delivery Plan menu. In the preview screen of the article, you can switch to the Article -> Preview and New Parts List menu.

Then you can maintain the components or dissolve the list of parts.